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*Kizami Wasabi Fresh Kinjirushi JP 250g

As a pioneer in wasabi products since the company's founding in 1929, they have persisted in prioritizing quality to offer their consumers fresh and flavorful wasabi. As a result, "KINJIRUSHI" has established itself as a reliable brand of wasabi products.

Made with soy sauce and finely chopped fresh wasabi stems, this product pairs well with a variety of dishes due to its distinctive crispy texture and exceptional spiciness. Perfect for all types of sashimi. Not only are these products popular in Japanese restaurants, but also in Italian, French restaurants, sushi bars, steakhouses, etc.

Once you've tasted real wasabi, you won't want to use powder or paste anymore. Kizami Wasabi has a crispy flavor, crunchy texture, and a touch of spiciness.