Japanese Egg-Free Mayonnaise KEWPIE 305g*(15)


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The main ingredient of traditional mayonnaise is egg; however, this means that vegans and people with egg allergy cannot consume it. In response to this, Kewpie has created this innovative egg-free Japanese mayonnaise so as many people as possible can enjoy Kewpie mayo!

The trick of this wonderful mayo is Kewpie's Patented technology: they use a plant-based protein to recreate the texture, richness, and flavor of Japanese mayonnaise.

It is packed in a special plastic container that prevents mayo from oxydizing, so you can enjoy its fresh taste for a long period.

The container has a light-blue cap and a green sticker which describes this mayo is egg-free. As a result, you can easily distinguish this mayo from others in case if these are stored in the same place.